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Why do I put myself thru this????

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So, I get a package in the mail today with 2 large heavy wetter el bee baby diapers. These have been long coming to me. I love them, they fit Maggie perfectly like they always have and eventhough they're for heavy wetters, they are trim.

So whats the dilemma?? I'll tell you. I thought since Maggie was pottylearning and on a good streak, I'd offer up my elbee diapers that are in the works to another mama (actually two
) Now I am SO SO SO SO Sad that I've done this, because although Maggie is pottying, its far from regularly AND I was buying disposables for a bit and I decided yesterday that I WON'T buy anymore and told Maggie that, they're gone and we're not getting more.

So, besides El Bees, FLAGs, SOS, Valor Kids, Sellin Threads, Lucys Hope Chest, Sugarbums and FCB size 2's are all that fit Maggie "just right". The large fireflies fit okay. Well, what do I have out of all of these???- 1 sugarbums fitted, 2 LHC fitteds, and the 2 El bees. I do have 2 an SOS, 2 Fireflys, and a FLAG that I am borrowing from a mama, but thats it....I am hoping to sell some stuff we have so I can get a couple of those diapers that aren't super sought after, but other than that, I'll wash daily.

Anyone wanna cry with me???? Its been a bad week, and although the fluff was good today, it made me sad too......

Sometimes ya feel like a nut, sometimes ya don't <-----and I feel like one today
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I hear ya! Luckily, I still have two in diapers. But it makes me sad that my boy is almost toilet trained. Why don't they make underpants as fun as dipes!?

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