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I work for the:

1. intellectual stimulation and adult interaction; I stayed home with dd for a year and although many aspects of it were fulfilling, I felt that my edges dulled; that's just me and is in no way an indictment of SAHMing

2. contribution my work makes to society overall; I work with juveniles charged with crimes; these kids are in desperate need of an advocate, a confidant, and someone who will be honest with them; I also feel that the work I do models "giving back" for dd which is very important to me since she and I have been so richly blessed

3. $$$; I'm a single mama and therefore need to generate an income; even before I was a mama, I enjoyed getting a paycheck and the freedom and independence it represents; again, I try to model good financial stewardship for dd so she'll get into the "save some/spend some/give some away" mindset as she grows up

I'm proud of the work I do outside the home and I'm proud that I singlehandedly support my family. The "WOHMing is evil" undercurrent I occasionally sense at MDC really bugs me, but to each her own. This is what satisfies me and works for my family.
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