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I work because it's the best "for the family" decision. My job has more stability and upward potential than dh's did, and he can do things around the house that I can't. So, when I was on maternity leave, we decided he would stay at home and renovate our house and I would work. He also does some software development contract work at night. In reality, we both work - he just starts when I get home. The bad part is we operate in "divide and conquer" mode with one of us getting to be with dd while the other works. So, the family together time isn't as much as I'd like, but dd gets a pretty good even divide between the time she spends with each of us.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I were at home. But it is the best for dd and the family, so I put my selfish wants aside. In the end, I think dd gets a better deal because my hunch is that if I were home all day and dh at work, he'd up spending only an hour or two a night playing with her and then he'd want his own time. As it is now, she gets 55+ hours a week of him, and I spend every minute she's awake that I'm home with her. And she's growing up learning how to renovate the house and hearing stock quotes on CNBC all day!

And I'm all for the win-the-lottery plan, too, so I know this is just short term . . .
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