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I will be going back to teaching in about two months. I am nervous about it, but have made my decision and will be doing it because:

--We are living on savings that is drying up quickly.

--I need to complete my professional teaching certificate within 3 years. If I didn't go back and let it lapse, it would be lots more school and money to get it back.

--It will be part-time, about 4 hours a day. I would not have gone back full-time.

--I feel that I am a good teacher and I will contribute positively to the lives of many teenagers that need adults they can trust and look up to.

--My son will be with my sister for two days a week and a great daycare close by my school three days a week.

This is not to say that I am not worried about leaving him, and that it won't probably be hard, but I am looking forward to it in many ways.
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