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In the past two years, I've not worked, worked full-time and now work part-time as part of a job-sharing opportunity that my organization is nice enough to support.

Of the three, I prefer the part-time situation the best, staying home full-time the least.

I like to work because...
1) I never want to be 100% financially dependent on someone. My mom was like that and, as a result, she stayed in a very bad marriage for a very long time. My DH is a wonderful, wonderful man but I like being prepared for the what-if.

2) I like being able to contribute to my family's financial goals and responsibilities.

3) I like my job! I work for a non-profit organization that does research that helps make organ transplant policy decisions. I like knowing that my job contributes to something worthwhile and important.

4) I also like the stimulation I get at work. It's not necessarily better stimulation than I get at home with two kids under two, but it is different!

I think #4helps me be a better mom. My 22 month old is very demanding, and my 4 month old is as demanding as a normal 4 month old is. Being able to step away 20 hours a week helps me appreciate them more and helps me with my patience. If I'm having a rough day at home, I know the next day I can regroup and think of ways to make the next rough day better.
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