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i ask myself this question a lot now. most of my paycheck now pays for the fabulous daycare that my kids are in. they are there about 5 hours a day while i work pt. i like the socialization that they get and the neat, neat projects that they do at school which help them learn (i often now spend time at daycare with them when they want to stay and play). for me, the retirement savings is important as is keeping my foot in the door. in five years, both of my little ones will be in kindergarten and i'll be expected to have a life outside of them. i already worry that i am too wrapped up in them. i don't want them to be the only thing in my life. i don't think it's healthy for them or me. finally, i really like the people i work with and for (i help elderly people in nursing homes with their benefits -- medicare and medicaid -- and their rights -- can they have a beer or a honey bun, can they go visiting with their friends, etc).
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