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why does she only want to nurse standing up?!?!

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I'm getting soooo frustrated...she'll scream and scream and cry till she has trouble breathing and wont latch on while i'm sitting or lying down (except at night we lay down to nurse and it's fine the whole night) but as soon as i stand up she finds it and latches on long as i'm standing she's content but i'm *tired*!! i want to sit down sometimes..

.this has been goin on for about 3 weeks now and it's driving me crazy sometimes soon as i sit down she unlatches and starts screaming again

please tell me i'm not alone...what should i do..continue doing it till she 'grows' out of it? (she's 4 mos. and already at least 15 lbs)...

i know i can nurse in the sling but she doesnt like it that much in the nursing/cradle position so i can only do that when she's really tired.

i've cut dairy from my diet as i found out she has sensitivities and was goin nuts whenever she came to the breast, so i know that's ot the it just a matter of preference

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i think you might want to check for ear infection. the preference could be in relation to comfort when lying down.
How long has it been since you cut out the dairy? It can take up to 4 weeks for it to fully clear your and her system.

Or ear infection/inflammation. I like garlic and mullein oils for that.

Or, reflux.

Go to and type in key words.

Or better yet, call a LLL Leader?! Good luck with detective work and healing.
Don't know if this could be it, but my ds went through that, and it ended up being thrush. He was almost totally asymptomatic, until I heard the clicking (which I at first thought was him unlatching because of a strong let-down), and my nips turned BRIGHT red & started to hurt a bit. I think his insistance on my standing was to distract himself from the pain (he would look behind me as I held his head in one hand & his body with the other arm).

Good luck!
DaryLLL, its been about 3 or 4 weeks since i cut the dairy...any other sensitivities i should consider???
also, i dont get the connection between my standing up and ear infections..can u explain please?

also, cinnamonamon i dont have any of those symptoms and when she is nursing she's not lookign around, many times she is agitated but has her eyes closed and she latches then unlatches after suckling a bit but then latches on and stays on for the rest of the feeding...

i'm just perplexed why *I* need to stand. i keep her in the same position when i sit, so i dont get it

thanks mamas...
maybe she's just unique? just like her mama
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Lying down on the sore ear side can cause pressure and increased pain. If both ears are affected, nursing on both sides could hurt.

Is your dd spirited? 2 of mine are. My ds, esp was so active, I could walk him and walk him in the sling, nurse him, but sitting down would wake him back up. He wanted to feel suspended? Aka, womb-like? it was exhausting. He wouldn't even lie down in the family bed for his first 3 mos. I had to walk, sling, finally sit down and nurse, rock, all in sling, then maybe finally lie down on the couch, still slinging, then maybe finally get a blanket over myself. he would just startle awake so easily.

Another idea for you, maybe she has a spinal mis-alignment after the birth? Chiropractors can work miracles with cranky babies.

Here are some links: Look around site for more ideas:
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