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why I don't believe in sex offender registries- graphic child abuse ment. in article

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Y'all must have heard about this horrific kidnapping/murder of a 10-year-old girl on the news:

The significant aspects of this story WRT to sex registries is that the... the... my god, I don't know what to call him, the satanic SOB who did this... had absolutely no criminal record of any kind.

And what's been said again and again about who a child is likely to be assaulted by, has been borne out again. The child knew this man--maybe not well, but knew him as a neighbor, had spoken with him before, he was not perceived as a possibly unsafe stranger.

I am generally opposed to the death penalty, fwiw, but when someone is caught like this, red-handed so to speak, having snuffed out another life for no reason than their own sick personal pleasure...well, I want them to suffer the absolute worst penalty we can impose.

It's probably a moot point, since it's likely he'll end up being killed in prison anyway.

That poor baby.
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Do NOT read the news stories about this. If it comes on the news, change the channel. The details are horrific and I feel like throwing up.

Seriously, if you are the slightest bit hormonal, depressed, or sensitive do not read another story about it. I wish I hadn't.

Poor sweet baby.
Thanks Momtwice. I can never see these kinds of stories. I don't want to read about them or see them on the news. I can't get the horrendous details out of my head once they're in there!

The whole making kids cry for art thread I've been able to read but did not go to the link to see the actual photos of the crying kids.

Thanks for the warning.
Poor sweetie...

The thing is, though, people who sexually assault one child almost always do it again... and again... and again, if they have the opportunity. I think it's almost certain that the man that did this has sexually offended before, even if he was never caught. If we catch them for their earlier crimes - which are usually less violent, because these types of crimes generally escalate - then a registry will help us keep an eye on them, so that they have less of an opportunity to do this again.

Offender registries won't prevent all crimes, but aren't they worthwhile if they prevent even some horrific tragedies like this? Even one?

I added a warning to the title of this thread, as the article is graphic.

Also, pllease refrain from namecalling.

from how cnn portrayed it, this person was not just targeting a specific age/sex of person but rather a victim in I think it sounds more satanic/serial/sociopathic killer than a pedo that wanted to cover it doesn't alledge pedo rather necro.

It's probably a moot point, since it's likely he'll end up being killed in prison anyway.
one can pray but Karla Homolka has a nice job in a hardware store now.....
thanks for adding the warning. I read about it in my morning paper while eating breakfast & was unable to finish eating.

so horrific.

All these stories in the news lately...Carla Bruchia, Samantha Runnion, Jessica Lunsford, and so many more

Sometimes I get so scared for my little girl.....

My heart goes out to this family
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oh , that poor baby and her family, that is jsut terrible, well it is more than that but i am really at a loss of what to say about this!! To know that she suffered has got to be the worst feeling in the world for her family,
I don't quit understand why this horrific crime relates to sex offender registries. I mean I know he wasn't on one, but he hadn't been CAUGHT for anything either.

I just wish sex offenders didn't get out of jail, for most sex offenders I just don't see "recovery" or rehabilitation to be complete enough to be let out in society freely. If they were so easily rehabilitated nobody would have had to come up with the registry idea in the first place.

Originally Posted by Shiloh

one can pray but Karla Homolka has a nice job in a hardware store now.....
You gotta be kidding me.
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