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Why in the world did I wait so long to buy a MayaWrap?!

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I had bought a fleece pocket sling before dd was born, and used it VERY rarely when she was a newborn (never felt comfortable with it, dd didn't like it much either). Then a friend made me a homemade ring sling, that although was much more comfy for my dd, was SO uncomfortable for me. I hardly ever wore either sling, and resorted to carrying my dd quite a bit. I purchased a Maya Wrap ring sling last week and used it on a 4 day trip. I can not express how convienent and comfy it was!
It was a little bit awkward to wear the first day but still comfortable (luckily it came in the mail the day before we left, so we watched the video and practiced). I was actually able to nurse discreetly my 1 yr old dd, comfortably while at a restaurant! I even got my skeptical DH to carry her around in it for about an hour while we walked at a park with my IL's on our trip. He told me it was going to hurt his shoulder or make him feel silly, but after I asked him a few times on our walk if he wanted me to take her, he said it was surprisingly comfortable and that he was glad to continue using the sling then.

I am just kicking myself for not discovering the joys of slinging sooner! I think of all the times I could have used the sling in the past and wish I'd bought it when she was a newborn. I have found myself putting my dd in the sling daily since we've been home. She just loves it!

Anyway, I just felt like sharing with people who would 'get it'
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I love my Maya Wrap sling too! I got the rainbow colored one.
It's so easy to use for short trips to the store or when I don't want to get my mei tai straps dirty on the floor of the bathroom or parking lot.

Hey, I noticed you are in WA, can you make it to the Eastside/Snohomish County babywearing meeting on the 24th?
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When my first was born I bought an OTSBH (saw the ads prominently featured in "Mothering" so how could I not
) ... and used it for two babies, even sold a few of 'em, and went through a few (the fabric frayed kind of fast) ... and finally bought a Maya mid-baby-3.


It was love at first carry. :LOL

Still love 'em. Just need to have a two-shouldered carrier since my last labor ...


(By the 'rainbow' fabric ... #37 ... is that the one you mean? I had that first, too ... loved it, too)
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Oooh! I like #37! We have #15 which is a bright blue. I let my DH pick it out so he'd be willing to wear it. :LOL Its much prettier in person though!

I'm actually in the Tacoma area, so it depends on where the meeting is at. I might come if its not really far (like Seattle area), dd actually likes to sleep in the car (sometimes thats the only nap I can get her to take LOL!). You can PM me if you'd like.
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