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why is he fighting sleep so much all of a sudden?

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ds (almost 13 months old) has fought sleep from birth on, but seemed to sort of mellow out around 5-6 months old and would nurse to sleep after a bath in about 30 minutes until the last few weeks. Now he kicks, pinches, tries to crawl away mid-nursing, etc. If I get him up and let him play with his toys he just sits there and cries. He gets restless if I rock him and tries to climb out of my arms. He is just so worn out that nothing makes him happy, but he won't go to sleep either. One night he stayed up until 11:45, most nights lately it's about 10:30. The only night he hasn't gotten in a frenzy lately was when I had a couple glasses of wine with dinner the other night- he actually fell asleep nursing before I could even give him a bath. He slept great that night too. So, I'm wondering...hmmm...should I take up drinking? surely there has to be some other way!

is there some sort of developmental stage he's going through right now that would make him start this all of a sudden? I take him to the chiro regularly, that usually makes him sleep better, but it doesn't seem to be helping as much lately...

any advice
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I'm right there with you with my 22 mo old. I"m freakin tired of it. No naps, doesn't want to go to bed. I"m sure being over tired doesn't help but he won't nap either.

Sorry I don't have anything to offer.
have you tried drinking chamomile tea?

my dd has never slept much in number of hours though as an infant she always slept early (by 7 or 8 pm). It changed dramatically once she started walking. bye bye to the old days of easy bedding. i used to walk with her in the sling, nursing and me storytelling / singing all at the same time. it was really exhausting every night for several months but one night when she was about 18 months old i was talking to my SIL about this and suddenly that night she told me that she did not want me to walk her to sleep anymore and we should just lie down and nurse while i told her a story. since then it has been pretty smooth.

whenever i used chamomile i did find it helped. my dd would drink it too, but even if i drank it it seemed to be effective. i really dont know why i dont drink it more often. i think we shoudl get back to early sleeping, if at all possible!!!
I'll give chamomile tea a try! I used to drink it a lot when he was colicky as a newborn- seemed to soothe his stomach. He has been sleeping better lately so I think the crazy insomnia he was having was definately related to trying to walk- he started walking about 5 days after I posted.
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Is chamomile tea safe when you are pregnant? I'm going through something similar with my 15 month old!
My ds is 13 months and we're going through pretty much the same thing. EXCEPT, he won't even nurse at all because he knows it will make him fall asleep. All he does is cry when I hold him, but if I let him go, he stands up on the bed and jumps and giggles.

He's really cutting down on the amount of time he nurses as well, pretty much the only time he'll nurse is if he's REALLY tired in the evening or when he wakes in the middle of the night.
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