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Why is my 2 year old now called "preschooler"?

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I recieve those Baby Center emails and they usually only mildly annoy. But today is my son's 2nd birthday
and this week's email is entitled "My Preschooler this Month". Since when did 2 become the prime age for preschool? I think 3 is going to be too young for him. Kinda bumbs me out. Think I'm gonna cancel my subscription...
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That is really sad. I would NEVER consider a 2yo a preschooler. No wonder there is so much pressure to start preschool.
Maybe they mean it in the literal sense, as in pre- (before) school?

Originally Posted by cmd
Maybe they mean it in the literal sense, as in pre- (before) school?
I thought about that but then a 6 month old would be a preschooler as well.
I don't know. I mean, he isn't exactly toddling any more but still...
I think CMD is right. My DS turned 2 in Feb and he's really not a "toddler" anymore - at least in the physical sense. He runs fluidly, climbs, and rides a trike. He also looks more like a little boy now. I don't think the term refers to school.

DH and I are in our 40's and both began school in kindergarten (5 yo). We don't think about school when we use the term. ;-)
I think by two they arn't really toddlers...dd starts pre preschool in the fall once she hits two
This is my one real pet peeve! My in-laws are always referring to daycare as "school." My sister-in-law's kids had their "school" pictures taken at 6 months and 2 1/2 years. And my father-in-law is always insisting that my 14 month old better start "school" soon. Drives me batty...
It always annoyed me the way the daycares I worked at *treated* the 2 year olds like preschoolers. At 2, they were supposed to be able to sit and do things with the group, like circle time or art projects.
and at 12 months old, heaven forbid your BABY still was getting a bottle because don't you know, they're now overnight a TODDLER going to the TODDLER room and they don't NEED a bottle. There too they started to expect some ability for the whole group to stay together, and no more morning son took morning naps on a regular or semi-regular basis till at LEAST 15 months, at nearly 18 months now he has really evened out to an earlier, longer single nap. And some of those poor babies were there at 5:30 AM!! if my son gets up at 5:30 STILL he wants a nap in the AM!

and i didn't say a word about what I was typing other than 'pre-preschool' for 2 year olds, and my mom pipes up she just saw on the news last night they are making Sesame Street videos advertised for SIX MONTHS AND UP!! OK I'm not against TV, and I love Sesame Street but my son is 18 months old and has seen a couple clips of the show. He's seen a couple Wiggles clips, and he has ONE DVD that is HIS, a Signing Smart video. And he saw NONE of this certainly not before 12 months and maybe it was even 15.
He STILL does not watch TV daily, I mean that I actually turn it on FOR HIM. (yeah he flips over the occasional 'PUPPY!" commercial or something, but for the most part he doesn't watch it.)
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I still consider my 2 year old a toddler. Yes she still toddles. Maybe I'd consider her a pre-pre-schooler.

Originally Posted by damyen's mommy
This bugs me too. My mom is huge on trying to pressure me into putting ds into preschool/daycare. Always with the "He needs to be around other kids more, he needs the social skills". Yes he needs the social skills but we can play at the park or with his cousins for that. Putiing my baby boy in school at 2 seems way to early. Besides he would just cry and cry for his mommy the whole time. I will not do that to my baby. He is starting to look like a little boy. But to me 2 and 3 three olds are still babies.
Since when did this thread devolve into a daycare rant?

Are we in SAHM? - oops, no, this is the TODDLER forum.

I didn't mean to affend I was agreeing with pp. I said preschool. Just because I know my son wouldn't do well right now away from me. Believe me if I could for even an hour I would. I don't have any problem with daycare or preschool. Everyone I know has to do this in order to have money to live. I was just agreeing that it annoys me too about people refering to ds as a preschooler when I think of him more like a pre-preschooler!!! I think of preschoolers more like three and four year olds.
GEEZ this is why I hardly post!!
I always thought "preschooler" referred to 3 and 4 yr. olds and was not tied to school attendance. I call my 3 yr. old a preschooler although he has never (and never will) attended school.

Originally Posted by hottmama
I always thought "preschooler" referred to 3 and 4 yr. olds and was not tied to school attendance. I call my 3 yr. old a preschooler although he has never (and never will) attended school.
That's exactly how I think of it, too.

Damyen's Mommy - sorry. I kind of overreacted there.
Please post more!
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Bugs me too. DS won't be going to nursery school until he is 3 1/2... so to me, a preschooler is 3-4 yrs old, and a toddler is 1-2 yrs old.
Some of my mommy friends were talking preschool a few months ago for our 2yos who will be turning 3 this summer. I said "Oh no, I forgot about preschool".

Anyway, one of the Moms told me there was this nice school near her house where, get this, they must be potty trained and wipe themselves, and they learn to write their names, read etc...
I said oh my dd wipes herself, do you mean after pooping? She said yes, that they only take them to the potty at break time otherwise they're on their own and that if they poop they have to wipe themselves. I personally don't know ANY 2-3yo who can wipe their butts efficiently, heck even grown men can' I said this and she said well it's only a few hours, I'll just wipe her when she gets home!! Yeah that's healthy.

And since when do toddlers need to write and read???? I called Waldorf immediately, turns out my dd is 1 month too young for school, phew!
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Back on topic

I get those same newsletters, and I noticed the same thing happening when my DS turned 2.

I don't think there is any way that a 2 year old can really be considered a preschooler.

But, consider the source!

I really need to cancel those stupid newsletters... but for some reason, I feel compelled to see just how outrageous some of their articles are going to be, and then see how foolish the people who leave comments at those articles are.
It's not very nice, but I can't help it.
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