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Why is my soaker coming apart?!

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I am almost done with my first LTK soaker and where I cast off the stitches to divide into front & back flaps, the stitches are unraveling! I don't know what to do. I don't have time to start all over again, I wanted this soaker for the trip we're making.

ETA: I was thinking about ripping it out and seeing where I must have gone wrong but I looked at it and I realized that with all the slipped stitches and passing over, I wouldn't have a clue how to go about unraveling and putting the needles back in!
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Ae you sure you're casting off correctly? There's a good description of casting off, with pics, at THe only other thing I can think is once you work the cast off, you'll have that last stitch that your last cast off stitch goes over. That stitch is part of the flap (either back or front, depending on which side you're workign on) You have to actually work that stitch with the flap, it's part of the stitch count that I've got in teh pattern. If you just leave it hanging and don't work it, then essentially it will unravel the whole cast off edge.
I think somewhere along the line I did the SPO wrong and left a weird loose loop, because where it was unraveling was past the stitches that were originally cast off. Am I making sense? Anyway, that's why I was thinking of ripping back to that spot, but I have no idea how to do it with the SPOs at the edge and make sure I don't mess up one of those
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I think I fixed it. I went ahead and gritted my teeth and ripped, and it looks right now.
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