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Why is she chewing everything in sight?

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dd, 2.5 yo, chews anything that will fit in her mouth. books, paper, tupperware, pens, crayons, toys, balls, you name it, she tries to chew it. is this a normal phase? i am constantly running to get small things out of her mouth (string, money, beads.....) too. I feel like a main mantra at my house is "that is not safe. if you put it in your mouth again, it is mine." she listens pretty well about the unsafe stuff when reminded it is not safe but she is not old enough to realize the bead necklace is no safer to chew/suck on than the money i just reminded her to remove from her mouth, so i have to say the same thing over and over and over......

it doesn't really bother me, i'm just wondering if this is normal, i guess. i don't see other kids her age chewing like a hamster all day! :LOL
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