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Why is vinyl so bad?

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Ok, I made an order from Granitesmith and thought I was getting nylon alexis pants. Apparently, she only has white snap pullons in vinyl. So I got vinyl. At first, I was going to return them, but I tried one, and it fits of course as well as the pink nylon ones I have, and is not that much stiffer either. Also, I didn't particularly notice that her diaper was any hotter on the inside when I went to change her, though vinyl always gets the bad rap as being so desperately hot and unbreathable. They feel much better than the Gerber vinyl pants I bought one time on a whim, and promptly returned (plastic bag, anyone?). So, I guess they stay and get used
. I also tried an alexis nylon wrap, and like it very much.
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Hey, that is good to know! My only experience with vinyl is the gerber off the rack pull on ones and they did get hot hot hot on my son. They worked with no worries about leaking, but didn't breath for anything. I'm glad these are working out for you!
I think the reason nylon is preferred over vinyl is that the nylon lasts longer, it doesn't get hard and crack like the Gerber ones do after so many washings. Also the nylon doesn't smell like that plasticky new shower curtain smell :-D
My main problem with vinyl, as a pull-on pants afficionada, is they are just not as durable. And they don't breathe, which is not a problem if the dipe is changed before it gets saturated (i.e., do not use as a nighttime cover) However, I spect the breatheability issue is largely moot in this case since the snap-side pants have such great breatheability by their design.
Alexis has a nylon wrap? Does it snap? Velcro? Lydia, can you post a link to where you got them. I thought they only had pull-ons, but I vaguely remember WeeBees carrying a side-snapping Alexis, but then discontinuing them, I think.

ANYWAY . . . vinyl (polyvinyl chloride or PVC) - this stirs up arguments on both sides of the issue about the same as the cloth -v- disposable argument.

There is information on both sides of the spectrum <read 'extreme differences here'> to be found. You can read all about vinyl from the perspective of the industry itself at The Vinyl Institute and other supporters of that industry. The other extreme can be found easily at GreenPeace and there are several articles linked from or a direct link to the Plastic (PVC/vinyl) links can be found here.

Well, I do believe they are warmer - but it might be more evident in the summer months than now when things are cooling, who knows. I know when I place my hand on the 'other' side of a nylon pull-on and breathe out warm hair (I've tried this with Alexis Nylon and with Bummis' Whisper Pant), I can feel the air passing through - the heat 'escaping.' However, I do not get this effect with vinyl.

We are exposed to plastics in every aspect of our lives and we really have to figure out how to draw the line with regards to our exposure. I personally feel that a compromise in the middle between anti and pro is where I sit. It seems with production the way it is, there is hardly ANYTHING produced any longer that isn't in some way, shape or form detrimental at some aspect of its life (be it in production or in decomposition).

We don't like plastic/vinyl for the smell. Nylon breathes and allows the air to circulate and the smell can 'air out' of these covers. The same has not proven to be true when I have used vinyl covers (a child I used to watch had them) - they reaked. I finally gave her some nylon covers to use at our house - she eventually switched.

It comes right down to personal preference and availability. If you HAVE THEM and they WORK - it is most likely better to USE them (unless you are anti-plastic and have removed plastics in general from your household: toys, children's plates, lotion and baby wash bottles, hair brushes, etc. . . etc. . . oh how it stretches out when we think about it). Discarding them would only put them back into the environment when they would be better utilized - extending their life.

And on . . . and on . . . and on I ramble.
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Wow, Heather, very thought provoking, and helpful as always
. I got the nylon wraps from granitesmith on ebay; she is always selling them and has tons. They only cost a couple dollars a piece; they are extremley light and stretchy and have the gussets that are so helpful. Also, the "hook" portion of the velcro is very unusual and much less scratchy than velcro on inexpensive wraps usually is. The only other place i have seen them is I hope that url is spelled correctly.
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I didn't like vinyl because they always got ruined really fast. I think that if you like them and are not having any problems with what you are using, it should be fine. I use a pair of gerber vinyl pants in pinch over undies with my boys. IN super hot weather, I probably wouldn't use it.
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