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Why junk food???

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I have not been able to even THINK about eating healthy this week. Nothing sounds good except JUNK! It is HORRIBLE...we had pizza Monday, and Taco bell Tuesday and Wednesday. Considering I had been eating great via the south beach diet, this whole junk craving thing has me puzzled...and I KNOW I'm not alone! I have waves of nausea- but nothing too bad yet. I threw up 24/7 for about 4 months w/ DS, so I am praying it's not as bad this time...but seriously- what's with craving junk???
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Yeah, it happens to me, too...not much of anything sounds good but junky food. I figure it's better to eat less than healthy for a while and keep it down than to try to eat really good, healthy food and throw it right back up!
Same here! It's awful isn't it?? Things I've been eating - Kraft mac n' cheese, Boston Market, and McDonald's french fries (okay - only once - but I HAD to have them). When I do want something cooked at home (the smells really make me sick), I want bad things too - white bread, white rice, white pasta. I NEVER eat those things! And forget about veggies! The sight or thought of a salad makes me so sick!!

Oh - and when you do finally find something that will agree with you are you able to eat much of it? It's weird. It's like my stomach shrunk. I can only eat a few bites and then I'm really full. Of course I'm hungry again an hour later (but nothing sounds good again!).

I have found that even when I find something that sounds good (Mexican food the other night - made DH take us out
, pizza last night, chocolate cake last weekend...) once I have eaten it I don't want it again at all. Ugh. And I don't want anything from my own kitchen - I practically gag just opening the pantry or fridge. I just want to get food from somewhere else. Isn't that weird?
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Yesterday all I ate was carrot cake and white cheddar popcorn. And some plain pasta for dinner.

Two days ago I stopped on the way home for in-n-out. At least their fries are fresh cut :LOL

It is definitely weird.
Yes Dana!! Isn't that weird? I can eat it if it came from another place. But if I have to cook it - forget it. Sometimes if dh cooks something from our house, I can eat it.

Last night I had dh go out and buy Boston Market for me (I LOVE their mashed potatoes with stuffing and gravy!!). He came home and I ate a few bites (they tasted really good!) and then couldn't get any more down. Today, the leftovers make me want to gag. Not sure why. Weird.

How are you all cooking for your other kids? We have a trip planned for two weeks. I had started making our meals for it and freezing them so that all we'd have to do is microwave them in the hotel. Anyway, I've used up all those meals in moments of desperation! I'm not sure what we're going to do on our vacation now! (Due to life-threatening food allergies in my 4 yo, we can't eat out.)
Nothing sounds good to me, my sotmach is so off. My fridge is full, my I get really nausesaous just opening it to look in there.

GUess what I ate today?
a chicken burrito from taco bell for lunch, and Kentucky fried chicken for dinner. All I want to eat is junk. Ice cream goes down good too. BUt I pretty much feel puky all day.
It sucks. At last I should only have about 5 weeks of this....uugh
:LOL i am so glad i am not alone!!! i have been slowly changing our diet over the last year or so - and i have been doing so well!! i had completely convinced myself that mcdonalds was disgusting - every time i passed it i thought, "ugh, who would eat that junk??".

then, today i passed it and had to force myself not to turn in for a cheeseburger!! all i want is taco johns or mcdonalds or pizza or sonic cheddar bites or something equally as disgusting for me and my unborn child. i had a frozen pizza from whole foods that is mostly organic and at least has uncured pepperoni so that's what we had for lunch... :LOL

i feel so relieved!! i hope it's just a phase - i do NOT want to go back to my old eating habits!!
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Ok...last night I sent DH to the store for a few things, including frozen pizzas (haven't been able to bring myself to cook much, and at least pizza sounds good to me and I know my kids will eat it) and chocolate chip cookie dough (yep, had a craving). So last night I ate about 3 or 4 pieces of the pizza and probably 15 freshly baked cookies (at least!!
: ). This morning, I'm suddenly 2 lbs heavier, but I feel 500% better than I have in the past week and a half!! I'm actually not nauseated right now and it was not torture to get up out of bed when my kids were up! Must have been something in that pizza and the cookies that I really needed, eh?
(Of course I also prayed last night, thanking God profusely for the blessing of this baby but asking him to please let the morning sickness and fatigue pass quickly...I'm sure that had quite a lot to do with my reprieve this morning!) Even if it comes back in a little while, I am SO grateful for feeling like a human this morning - whew!!
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Yup, I've been eating all sorts of things that I wouldn't even have considered a week ago! I am generally a low-carber but this week has been all about pasta, cereal, sugary stuff, yikes! I don't want to gain 40 (50?) pounds again this time but I'm sure well on my way if this eating style keeps up. I just feel hungry far more often than normal and the things I want to eat are so different.
Yep, McDonalds and Taco Bell sound more appealing than anything else most days. A friend of mine postulated that maybe we crave junk food because it is so processed that it's easier to digest. No wonder that 9-grain bread I usually eat sounds about as appealing as a brick, LOL. I can't eat anything cooked at home, either. It has to come from somewhere else. The fridge and pantry make me gag.

I haven't kept any solids down, except a handfull of saltines, in the past 3 days. Sometimes I can keep something down for 1-2 hours, so I hope a miniscule amount of nutrients is getting absorbed before it comes back up. I can't believe I'm having another pregnancy of throwing up 5+ times a day. I'm really not looking forward to many more weeks of this.


Originally Posted by EllasMama
I can't believe I'm having another pregnancy of throwing up 5+ times a day. I'm really not looking forward to many more weeks of this.

so sorry!! throwing up is miserable...hope you feel better soon!
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