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Why must dogs lick inside the mouth?

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EWWW as I type this my dog is licking my 5 mo old dd inside her mouth. I push her away and she comes right back. And dd LOVES it! she throws a fit when I push the dog away! It totally grosses me out and I'm sooo not a germaphobe. Why do dogs love the inside of people's mouths and is there any reason why I should be concerned with letting the dog do it? I wouldn't but dd like I said gets so upset when I make he dog go away.
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Well, it's an act of submission actually, however, you as the leader should be able to just tell her to stop once she understands that you don't like it.
the dog is trying to get the person to regurgitate for her. the other poster is right, too. it's all part of pack life.

modern dogs might not quite understand why they are doing it...
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Well that's good I guess that it's submission on her part. I think it's important for them to understand that my dd is higher in rank even though she is a "puppy". Now I know how to get the dog to stop (she listens to "git" pretty well) but how do I get dd to not throw a fit?
(rehtorical question
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With prayer I think

I have the same issue with how to get dd to stop feeding the dogs everything she has--she loves it, thinks it's hilarious and if I yell at the dogs she cries (that and the poor dogs are being yelled at for accepting something given to them in the same way I give them things)

Basically.....I have no friggin idea!!!

It bugs me that Bedlam still licks the inside of Havoc's mouth, she's incessant with it, but I have to allow it since in other areas she's in the process of overthrowing her old papa and taking over.
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Yeah my dog is pretty incessant with it too. LOL and dd will open her mouth and giggle like crazy. At least it can be a nice story for when her first boyfriends start showing up.
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Probably the same reason the eat poop. They're dogs. Why do I love these gross creatures so much
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