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Why not wind-pro fleece pants? Fleece care question.

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I love dd's wool pants but she's such a messy kiddo that they are externally dirty after just a few hours of wear, also I'm worried that the jersey isn't windproof enough for outside wear. Like when I wear thin wool it's usually an insulation layer with someting over or under, kwim....

Anyway can anyone think of a reason why windpro fleece wouldn't work just as well? and how does one care for windpro fleece so that is doesn't loose it's waterproofness. Will I be doomed to have to wash it in some special soap like tech wash or sensiclean? how long does one use a fleece cover between washes?
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Josh ds lived in fleece pants alot last winter. I would wear a fitted or a snappied prefold and just put the pants on him. Worked great for me!! I loved them at night too!! Kept him nice and warm and I had no wicking pjs to worry about.

I just washed the pants with all the other laundry (regular clothes) and dried them. You can use fabric softner to help keep them waterproof more.

For as how long between washes, I usually used them one day (unless they got wet or smelly) but i could usually wear them most of the day and washed them that night. I changed him pretty often so the pants didn't get wet.

a magnet attracts metal! We have two dogs and a cat, I have a fleece fall poncho and holy moly! It really gets furry........LOL!
I think they would be great! Windpro doesn't lose it's waterproofness really, if your using it for long periods you can spray it with a DWR spray but otherwise it is wash and wear basically, no special care. You would have to wash them after a day's worth of use though, but with a dirty baby (one on the floor) your gonna be washing alot anyway, and fleece is easy to just throw in the washer!
I just made my DS a pair of these recently and LOVE them (sooo easy to make too... took about 20 minutes!). I have just been putting a fitted under them as he still has less than solid poops at 18 mos and I like to keep poops contained but I also change frequently so that the pants don't really get wet enough to need rewashing sooner than after just one wearing.

They DO get linty if you have a crawler but a lint roller takes it off really fast if you need it to.

They also work marvelously at night, which was my main reason for making them... I was getting tired of the diaper AND the wool or fleece cover AND the jammies. These are the jammies and cover in one and seem much more comfortable!

Oh and yes, fabric softener in the dryer after washing in the regular wash works just fine for keeping it waterproof!
windpro makes great pants. I made dd a pair. I also made her a rain coat from the same material. They work great. Its the way the fibers are put together that makes them waterproof (I believe). I have several windpro covers and they have never lost their waterproofness
I really, really want a few pairs of windpro pants but I cannot sew elastic. I have been thinking about ordering a few different colors and asking dh's granny to make them for me. Or maybe a smart, skilled WAHM will see this thread and start making them.
I second the Wahm idea i would glaly pay for some since I am sewing impaired. Anyone?
I had the same idea and my windpro shipped out a few days ago. Can't wait to get it and start sewing.
I've been working on this... Someone I know suggested that WindPro might not be stretchy enough though, does anyone here that has made them have any input on this? WindPro certainly doesn't have as much stretch as wool jersey or doubleknit, or even 300wt MM for that matter ~ so I'm thinking I probably agree with my friend. LOL I'm pretty sold on the idea, I just need to decide if I'll have to draft a new pattern or if I can use the existing one.
I've found that mine seem to have enough stretch. They easily stretch over the big diaper butt at night and seem to have plenty of "give" during movements, if that helps any. They have a simple elastic waist. I also made a pair out of wool jersey and I actually like the fit of the windpro ones better, using the same pattern. I uploaded a couple of pics of them if anyone wants to see (btw, these are my first ever clothing sewing projects and were really easy... I made the shirt out of a Gymboree blanket I had that I loved the print of)...

Wool Pants

Windpro Pants and Matching Shirt

The subject in his outfit covering his night time dipe... sorry, couldn't get him to stand up for the pic!
Heather those look great, did you use a pattern? I'm itching to sew now! And your ds is adorable!
Trish, I used a Kwik Sew Pattern, #2912. They literally were SO easy. I've been having a huge problem with getting pants that fit my chunk in the waist and butt but are SHORT enough for his little squatty legs and I even adjusted the pattern and they are perfect. Oh and the elastic is NOT hard! Seriously! Its a one inch wide band of elastic and I serged the edge of mine in but I could easily have sewn it in with the regular sewing machine (they're gonna move this post now, aren't they LOL).

Anyhoo, I didn't mean to hijack the thread but wanted you to be able to see them in case you're visual like me
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they're gonna move this post now, aren't they LOL.
I am they LOL

Seriously, thanks for the info and back on topic. They should be super easy to care for, easy to wash, quick to dry. I need like 5 pair LOL
They look so cute and comfy. I want some for me. Maybe I'll make us matching PJ pants.

Do you think they would be too warm down here where it only gets about 40 degrees on a cold day? They look like a great winter diaper solution, but I don't want her to be too hot.

So, you'd just use the windpro ones like you would wool longies, instead of a cover?? hmmm, that's a good idea... I did something like that accidentally once with Ben's micro jammies, all the covers were dirty, so I made the dipe extra thick and took a chance. it worked well, the jammies were barely sweaty (and he only peed as soon as he woke up, so I wasn't ever worried about a wet bed

Oh and back to the sewing part, even if you have a shrt little guy, try making the pants extra long and cuffing them. I made some flannel Jammie-Pants when Ben was about a year old and with the super-pouffy butt and the extra long legs, he still fit them a year later (though after his 3yr growth spurt, they are now capris, lol!)
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