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Why would a midwife want to talk to me?

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I contact a midwifery group in Ottawa when I was planning to ttc and they said they were pretty sure they couldn't attend me because I had had 2 c-sections but to contact them when I got pregnant. Well I am pregnant now and e-mailed them to tell them so and the person I was corresponding with wrote back and said one of our midwives - insert name here - wants to speak to you, can you e-mail me your phone number? Why would she want to talk to me if they aren't allowed to attend me? Or maybe they are? Midwifery is regulated in Ontario and I've already been told a homebirth is out of the question by tons of people so I assume it would be a hospital birth she was wanting to talk to me about. Hmmm... I don't know how a hospital birth would go. But at least I wouldn't have to travel. I don't know!
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maybe she wants to talk to you because she can't put it in writing where what she has to say might potentially be used against her... if the laws are so restricting. Or maybe she knows of a solution to your dilemma. You just never know. I'd definitely talk with her!
How interesting! I have nothing really to contribute except congratulations on your pregnancy, and let us know what the midwife says!
Having had one C-, and two VBACs, I am guessing that if she wants to talk to you, chances are good that she is willing to attend you. I bet she wants to talk about in what capacity that would be - most likely a hospital or birthing center birth, w/physician back up, etc.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
Living in Ottawa, she may well want to attend you for a VBA2C. I have the option with my third to attempt VBA2C- but I would have to go to a large center to do so eg. London, Toronto, Ottawa. they may be willing to take you - it is legal for them to do it here in Ontario, although I belive it must be a hospital VBA2C.
Sooo... have you talked with her? Is it good news? Enquiring minds want to know! =)
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