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why would my dr. prescribe clomid and not prog?

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Hi everyone.....I have a few questions if you dont mind.....We've been ttc #5 for 4 years or so.....recently I went to an infertility specialist and she ran my was low (dont remember the number now.) anyway.....she prescribed clomid . I only did it for one month because my progesterone actually DROPPED on the clomid. She wanted to up the dose to 100 and I said I wanted to take a break and try to lose some weight
Well we're ready to jump back on the preverbial horse....but i'm wanting to approach this from a more natural standpoint. I dont understand why she would want to use clomid if she could prescribe a natural progesterone cream/suppositories?
Also, is there something I can do on my own to produce more progesterone or basically just balance out my hormones? Thanks mamas
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she may be thinking that your low progesterone (how low was it?) was signaling that you weren't ovulating at all. Clomid will (hopefully) force you to ovulate, and therefore you'd have a higher progesterone.

If your progesterone was just low - but not low enough to assume you didn't produce an egg, then prescribing progesterone would be a good option just to support implantation if it happens. There are many docs who just dont' subscribe to this tho.

Did you ask your doc why more clomid and not prog?

Good luck!
i took clomid and no progesterone.. clomid causes a stronger o therefore more progesterone..

good luck
Hi there! My dr actually did the very same thing your dr did for you, prescribed Clomid once he saw I had low p. I wasn't comfortable going that route, so I waited and then when I got a BFP, he put me on p at my request.

I have found that you can get prescription prometrium online from which is where many ladies here get their clomid from.

Are you getting pregnant and having early m/c? If so, using p from 2dpo to 14dpo would be a good option each month. Only discontinue at 14dpo if BFN, otherwise continue for 10-14 weeks. AF will not come while taking prescription p, so you will have to test each cycle and discontinue in order for AF to come (and to later ovulate).
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