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I don't know what to do.. I really want the cash./wool M cover at Kiwi Pie but I also like a soaker at MM. Why do they have to stock at the same time. What is a mama to do. :LOL
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If you wait much longer the problem will most likely go away :LOL
I love the MM soakers, but have never owned a KP. So I am undecided on what I wanna do
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I don't have either, that is what makes it sooo hard.
maybe you should try for a KP - it seems like more mama's have KPs than have MMs, so maybe it would be a little easier to score a KP.
yeah that is what i was thinking but i use soakers and shorts more then covers.. oh such hard choices.. well i think i am going after KP since I just got a KIYP wool soaker yesterday
I think that if you want a KP, then you should go for that. Maria rarely stocks now so this is your chance.
I think you'll have a better shot at a KP. Maria hasn't stocked in ages so it is a bit of a rare opportunity. Good luck! They are both wonderful.
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Originally Posted by engineer_mama
Oh geez. You guys are going to break my site :p

Sounds like upgrade potential - adding a check to not allow multiple Hyena WAHMs to stock at the same time.
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I couldn't decide either but HC decided for me cuz I couldn't get back in to MM after I went to So there I stayed and I scored my first KP
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