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Wicked Cool Creations

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I just wanted to let you know that I sent 6 diapers to get embriodered from Wicked Cool Creations and after discussing what I wanted, I paid 61.00 for them. I then get an email today stating that one of the diaper deisgns is totally messed up and there is nothing that can be done. She referred me to her Policy section, which I read. It states that they can mess up your diaper and you are stuck with it(Oh, they will refund your cost from the design, but you still have a destroyed diaper). Well to make it worse, she also put my DD's name on another one of the designs that I didn't want, as now I cannot sell the diaper, plus I am not big on names on children. I contacted her and she basically told me that there was nothing she would do for me and that is the risk I took when I sent her my diapers. If I had known that this was the response I would have gotten from a WAHM, who I chatted with on IM, I would have left them alone. She won't even guarantee that they won't leak. And she knows I have a super soaker!! She has editied my conversation with her on IM (very unprofessional)

I just wanted to give you a heads up and a BUYER BEWARE!!

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