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Wicking at leg of pocket dipe? Help!

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Well, on my first foray into using a cloth dipe (a pocket dipe from ella's with the hemp insert it came with) I had wicking around one of the legs after 2 hrs. DD took a nap and is typically a heavy wetter then. the wetness is just on the pul part at the leg casing.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I boiled the insert to break it in, and washed 3x on hot/dried on hot. also washed/dried the pocket dipe on hot once.

Will this get better with usage? Right now we are trying a HH with a ubcpf as insert.
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warning...typing with a 2 year old on my lap

i'm willing to bet that the ella's you were using was probably one that is cotton PUL instead of polyester (ie, it is a printed PUL). those do tend to wick if the inside stuffing gets too wet. when ds lets it all go, we have wicking in that type of pocket diaper as well. the HH solids work much better for heavy wetting. in the meantime, you might want to try some waterproofing spray on the outside of the diaper...look in the sporting goods section of WalMart...near the bug spray.

hope that works out for you! good luck!
Is it fleece lined? If it is, you need to make sure the fleece rolls out at the leg not in.

Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestions. It is a solid, but is fleece lined. I think I must not have had the fleece rolling out at the leg. Plus, the insert was so soaked perhaps the pee had nowhere else to go? we'll try again tomorrow
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yes, if the stuffing is very soaked there is no where else for the pee to go and it will start leaking out no matter what. i'd just try adding some more absorbancy and that should fix your problem.
On the few occasions this has happened, I have a two pronged approach. First, scrub the fleece with a bit of dishwashing detergent, then follow your normal wash routine. This should take care of any repelling fleece. When the diaper is dry, spray the outside with waterproofing spray, I also turn them inside out and spray the inside too.

This has always worked for me, but Im not sure whether my problem was repelling fleece of simply wicking.

Im having far fewer probs now she is sleeping through - this always happened at night. She's not breastfeeding during the night now, so less pee!
I agree with the others who said that you need more absorbency. One insert is definitely not enough for a heavy wetter.
Thanks for the help. I tried again today later in the day, when Dd is not such a heavy wetter and made sure that the fleece was turned out. No wicking, and the insert was not wet all the way at the top in the back.

Now to just get the rest of my fluffy mail - with only two pocket dipes it's kind of hard to get in the swing of things!

Oh well. I think I got another convert though - DD was wearing her ella's pocket tonight at our homeowners assoc mtg, and one of the members that is preg. was so excited to see a cloth dipe IRL.
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