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wicking question

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Ok, which tends to wick worse...a print pul or a print OVER pul?
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That is what I was thinking. What is the reason behind this? The sewing process?
well, wicking can happen anywhere there is stitching-which is all around the legs to hold them together LOL, so if there is an absorbent fabric outer there is a chance it can wick faster than those without an absorbent fabric on the outside. Also, if the outer fabric tends to roll in at the legs, that will also pull the moisture out.
A print over PUL definitely wicks more but a PUL print can still wick.....especially the cotton laminated prints.
Print over PUL will leak 100% of the time for me unless I can change immediately after each pee.

I have only one 100% print laminated PUL diaper (knickernappie) and it hasn't wicked yet but this diaper is constructed with a wide crotch so that the pocket stuffer doesnt touch the openings. I wouldn't be so brave with a diaper that has a narrower crotch.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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