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*WIDE* Awake!

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Can't sleep? Getting kicked all night long? Too hungry? Too worried? Too anxious? Too uncomfortable????? Too annoyed bc DH sleeps so peacefully?

I have been wide awake since 1230-it is now 5 am. BIG bummer bc DS gets up in an hour. And I am not even a little bit sleepy. It all started w DH staying in town at my folk's, then at 1230 I woke up to pee. Just nodding off when DS woke crying for a kleenex (he is 2.5 yo) and his jammies were wet. So I changed him and settled him back down. Then I went to bed after a snack-the house is creaking-and the motion light is turning on outside-dog isn't barking, but I think someone has broken in. So of course I lay awake playing out different frightening scenarios. Finally I turn on the light and it is 3, so I read a magazine. Now I am REALLY hungry again! So I go down for a bowl of cereal and watch Brothers and Sisters. Still hungry, eat a left-over turkey sandwich and a glass of OJ. That brings me here. UGH!!!

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Sorry you are wide awake!!
That was MY night, I swear!!!!!! I was up allllll night long, just too uncomfortable to sleep, and then laying there not sleeping gets my brain going, and once it's on I just can't turn it off....

The difference with me was foolishly I stayed in bed most of the night trying to sleep. I was soooo tired, but it just wasn't happening for me. I am a zombie today. DH left for work at 5 am, and I just reheated his leftover coffee... the breakfast of pregnant champions.

HOW oh how am I going to make it through this day and keep my kids entertained and happy and not take out my grouchiness on them??? Right now I'm already breaking my NO TV IN THE MORNING rule, and they're watching Cinderella....

Anyways. MontanaMama, what's your estimated due date anyways? You're ahead of me, aren't you, lucky woman? I"m not technically due until April 25!!! But I think April 4 is my 'safe for homebirth' date, so evening primrose oil, here I COME!!!!
Sounds like me its 7:37AM now but I have been awake since around 5:30AM and my babi was kicking like a manic!
I peacefully snuck in 2 hours of sleep before DS came in. Boy, do I have a headache now! I always get one when I am exhausted.

GYPSY-My EDD is 4-20. But I have a feeling the babe will come on the next full-moon. My MW said I am clear for a HB after 3/24. Does that seem early?

What does Evening Primrose do??? Where can I get some info?
I was awake most of the night-- just from being uncomfortable. Can't lay on my back anymore. Can't lay on my side/stomach w/ my leg up. When I'm on my side my hips hurt. I thought about getting up and sleeping on the couch- but I just don't want to. Part of it is the temp too-- hasn't been cooling down as much and I'm sweating all night but too cold for no blankets. ugh!
MontanaMama- wow, I was thinking my babe might come on the full moon too, which is a mere 2 or three days before I"m ok for homebirth, but what are the midwives going to do, refuse to come? At least I was kind of hoping she might come that early... if I'm going to be up all night every night I might as well have a baby to keep me company. And if you're 5 days ahead of me, then I think our midwives are on approx. the same wavelength for the OK for homebirth dates. Mine like their ladies to be 37 weeks.

My sleepy day thus far:
I took my kids for a walk to a local play centre this morning.... I felt like mother of the year for managing that. Then I came home and flopped on my bed for half an hour and listened to hypnobirthing affirmations while the kids watched yet a little more TV. Now I'm going to take them to the store with me to get blueberries, and then I think we'll pick up a movie for tonight. This March break is turning out to be pretty heavy on the TV/movie front.

As for evening primrose oil, it helps to ripen the cervix. You can take it orally, vaginally, or both, and I've been told that breaking the capsules open and using the oil as a lubricant when you do the deed will really bring on labour.
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I hear yah sister! Being kicked all night long is the pits! I have had some nights like that too! A friend said she uses Valarian root to help relax her and the baby. But, please talk to your mw or dr, I don't know much about it other than it helps you sleep.
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