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on Friday night my daughter got a fever...went up to maybe 101...I got fluids in her and basically the next morning she was fine.

Saturday night she again got a hit 101.3...she got better again over night and Sunday she was fine

Sunday night her temp went up to 102.3
and she developed a dry cough

She didn't go to school on Monday and I took her to emergency...she had no fever at the time(she had taken a tylenol) and they said "virus, let it run it's course"...did a throat swab in case of strep

Last night her temperature went up again to about 102.8...I gave her tylenol for the night...

This morning her temperature is's getting higher...this is a long time for a virus...

Any ideas? Should I take her in again...anything I should try? This is the highest fever either of my kids has ever had and I am scared for her.

Her only symptom is a cough which is a bit looser this morning.

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We had a virus like that. It started with a higher temp (like 102), then would go higher, then appear to break, we'd be almost better, then it would shoot back up again to 102. I would have freaked more, but it happened to two of my kids plus myself, so I knew it was a virus. Still, when my youngest went from appearing to be recovered to having a 105 temp one night, I was more than concerned! Of course, by the time the nurse called me back, we had gotten it down to 101 with a lukewarm bath and some tylenol.

Anyway, I did bug the ped a ton that week, brought the kids in to be seen. With my dd, when her temp shot back up, it was the ear infection reoccuring. It took a good two weeks for that virus to run its course with me and two of the kids (after our temps finally became normal, there was a week of fatigue - ds missed a week of school b/c of it.)

Check around with other moms or ask at school if anyone else has had something like this. With us, it was all over town, though we got hit pretty hard ourselves. It was weird though for any of us to be sick that long, so check with your doctor if you feel the need!
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