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on Friday night my daughter got a fever...went up to maybe 101...I got fluids in her and basically the next morning she was fine.

Saturday night she again got a hit 101.3...she got better again over night and Sunday she was fine

Sunday night her temp went up to 102.3
and she developed a dry cough

She didn't go to school on Monday and I took her to emergency...she had no fever at the time(she had taken a tylenol) and they said "virus, let it run it's course"...did a throat swab in case of strep

Last night her temperature went up again to about 102.8...I gave her tylenol for the night...

This morning her temperature is's getting higher...this is a long time for a virus...

Any ideas? Should I take her in again...anything I should try? This is the highest fever either of my kids has ever had and I am scared for her.

Her only symptom is a cough which is a bit looser this morning.
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