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Wierd pregnancy chart....input please!

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Can someone please take a look at my chart and tell me what's going on. I have had 6 positive HPTs, and I figured that my temps would be much higher by now. I honestly expected AF to arrive yesterday, but I don't even have any spotting. I went off to the doc yesterday, and they drew blood to check hormone levels and a beta. I should know more this afternoon. The doc went ahead and gave me some progesterone supplements just in case.

What do you think? Does it look like this pregnancy is doomed, or is there still some hope?

Oh, the thermometer is working just fine. My day time temps are 98.6 and above, but they dive at night while I'm sleeping.
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Party of six - that does look wonky.
Having never been pg I can't really say what it might mean - the drop in temps would scare me too.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the beta comes back strong and the doc has some more info for you.
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