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Wierd thingy coming out of end of penis

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I was changing ds's diaper last night and i notices a purplish blood blister looking thing like kinda inside ds's urithra (sp
) I kinda freaked and decided to cover it up intil next change, well next change it was gone. Also he has like red spots all over it, i dont know if that is a rash of some sort, i have never had to know about penis's before, or uncir'ced ones for that matter, i have no clue what is normal
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the red spots all over the penis are they REALLY small?

Sounds like a yeast rash to me...
yeah they are pretty small, what can i do for that?
Monostat cream on the bum. See if that clears it up. If you CD, wash on very very hot water, like do a strip cycle or two to kill the yeastie beasties, toss in a tbps of bleach and/or tea tree oil as well...because those little buggers like to stick around.

Check to see if the inside of his mouth is Thrushy...if it is, then you'll have to treat yourself for it too.

Thrush on the bum = Possibly thrush on the mouth. Yeast = Thrush
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I would say he has a rash too of some sort. Maybe doctor can perscribe a cream after he identifies exactly what it is. Beware of the doc who eagerly perscribes a circ though.

Let us know how he is doing. are not using any soaps on his penis are you? That could irritate the rash more. Frequent diaper changes and maybe some Desitin might be a good idea until you can get him in.
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thursh=white flim right?

He has always had a milky white tounge? but never had any problems
Weleda's Calendula Baby Creme will clear up the rash. Great stuff!!!
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