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Wife on Strike!

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otherone got removed. thought i would do the mod a favor
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I remember this story. It happened a while ago.

I sure hope she got some help around the house!!
No issue with her not doing housework until others pitch in. BIG issue with the fact that I know about it. Is there any reason why people feel it's appropriate to splash their household problems all over their front lawns???

I also have to wonder why it's reached this point. My 13-year-old does his chores. My almost 3-year-old sets the table. Why on earth is her daughter-in-law living there if her son isn't pulling his weight? "Oh, honey, I know I have to pick up after you and do everything for you, but of course you can add two more people to the household"???
same as above
I'm not sure what you were getting at. But, I'm just saying that this is drama-queen nonsense...a big dramatic in-your-face approach to an issue, instead of dealing with it rationally.
yeah, if you pm me i can send ya the link.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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