There is such a versatility to ring slings, as they are excellent for infancy through toddlerhood.
When I first came across WildBird Ring Slings on Instagram, my eye was caught by the beautiful colors and stylish, happy-looking mamas wearing their little ones. I knew I had to order one.

Of course, I didn't "need" another carrier - I have more than enough (many moms reading this will know what I mean), but I definitely wanted a WildBird for my collection.
I've been a babywearing mom since my first child, starting out with a handmade ring sling from a friend and eventually trying various kinds - wraps, mai tai, soft structured. My favorites became ring slings and my Ergo, for their comfort and ease. Wearing my baby made breastfeeding so much easier, a quick fix for fussiness and an overall way of life, especially when I became a mom for the second time and needed my hands to be free for caring for a toddler.

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Women in other cultures around the world have been wearing their children since long ago - it's how they accomplished their work while mothering simultaneously. It's now becoming more common in our culture, but there are still many moms who haven't discovered the ease and joy of this natural bond. As a doula, one of my favorite ways to help new moms (and dads, and other caretakers) is to show them the beauty of keeping their babies close in a carrier.

When I see a mom lugging her carseat around the store, I often have the urge to ask her if she has learned how to wear her baby yet. Babywearing, like any new skill, can take some learning and practice to get the hang of it. But once you do, you can strap your baby on with your eyes closed and you'll never know how you lived without it!


Tayler Gunn of Carlsbad, California, fell in love with the benefits of babywearing when reading and researching while pregnant with her first child. She created WildBird slings out of a need for a functional, easy-to-use carrier that was still stylish and parents would love to wear.

There is such a versatility to ring slings, as they are excellent for infancy through toddlerhood. Tayler has developed this gorgeous line to be safe, functional, quality-made and so very stylish. Each season, there are additional colors added to the line (and they're all named after birds!). The options of linen and bamboo are soft, sturdy and strong. When you wear your baby in a WildBird sling, you feel a physical and emotional closeness to your child while feeling empowered, confident and connected.

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The company believes in educating mamas on how to use their slings and has a YouTube channel with video tutorials. This is a wonderful resource because while it is a totally natural act to wear your baby, it's not instantly easy, and takes a little practice. By watching a video tutorial while using the sling yourself, you can be sure you're doing it safely and correctly while gaining confidence as you practice and become more comfortable.

But don't take my word for it! I have seen first-hand how babywearing (and WildBird slings in particular) have brought not only women closer to their little ones but closer to each other. Here are some comments from real-life Wildbird mamas, and how these slings have impacted their motherhood journeys:

"Tandem carrying with Wildbird slings has made being a mother so much easier! Having 4 kids- two of them twins- we are always on the go and when they weren't walking yet (and even now that they walk), Wildbird slings helped me to carry them and nurse hands-free- I wasn't tied to the couch." -Bekah T.

"I think the most unexpected thing that has come from using Wildbird slings is the group of women I've met! A wonderful, inclusive, positive community." -Tyana

"It has become a passion and joy to share my love of Wildbird with the community of moms that are part of my life. It has unexpectedly helped me to forge friendships and create special bonds between us as friends and mamas but also between ourselves and our sweet babies/toddlers. I didn't expect to see so many people touched by a material item but it becomes something more magical when you are able to snuggle your little one and hold them close. It gives me the most unexpected thrill to see a mom and child light up and feel confident in herself! It has given us mothers the ability to be hands-free but also confident to handle whatever else is going on in our personal lives- making dinner, shopping, caring for other children...we can be holding our little as snug as can be!" -Lizzie H.

"Before I had ever heard of Wildbird, I knew ring slings were a quick and easy way to keep my baby close and carry him around. I had no idea just how powerful they'd make me feel. I think so many moms get caught up in being the 'perfect mother'. We see snippets of everyone's life on Pinterest and Instagram but the hard work behind it is often unseen. I had always wondered how moms seemed to do it all- cook dinner, do 8000 loads of laundry, keep a baby happy, grocery shop... I used a soft structured carrier and a stretchy cotton wrap but they weren't as easy to use as I thought (and nursing in them was challenging to say the least). I was introduced to WildBird by a wonderful friend and it was like a whole new world opened up to me. I could do laundry and keep my son close. I could comfort and nurse him while walking through Costco. I remember perusing the fruit section at the store while my son nursed in our sling and realizing 'no one realizes what a badass multitasker I'm being right now." Now he's going through some separation anxiety and I don't worry- I know how simple it is to sling him and be able to keep him close." -Emily S.