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will her cold hurt my supply?

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DD has a cold (again!!) and is not eating much during the day or at night. I am not giving her any solids. I'm not engorged at all. She should be well and hungry in a few days, but I wonder if I should pump or something (rather not) to keep supply up? Or will just a few days of reduced milk feeding not hurt my supply?

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I think these things most take care of themselves. It's supply and demand. For example, reduced feeding during a cold might lead to a slight drop in supply but then when baby regains her appetite, she might want to nurse a lot more to make up for it. Kinda like a growth spurt, kwim.

So if you can be bothered pumping, go ahead, maybe it'd lessen the 'growth spurt' type of nursing, but it's not absolutely necessary.
yeah, what pp said has been the same as my experience. your dd will be able to bring your supply back up once she has an increased appetite. You wouldn't have to pump.
yup, yup...

just want to add - if she wants to nurse but is too congested to do so, be careful about using bottles if you use them. i know of several babies who have weaned to bottles or sippy cups due to a cold. if she is this congested, do what you can to alleviate the congestion, try nursing with her in a more upright position, and help her figure out how to suck a few times, unlatch, then breathe, then relatch - DS used to bite me while nursing if he was too congested to breathe, and then i would get upset and her would get upset and refuse to nurse. things got much better once i taught him to nurse/breathe/nurse/breathe....

hope she's feeling better soon!!
The first month of nursing is the critical time to watch your supply (and I would suggest pumping, if your baby isn't nursing). If you are past your first month of nursing, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The other posters explained the "supply = demand" and vice versa.

There was an excellent article in "Mothering" recently about the *other* uses for breastmilk!!! Express/pump some breastmilk and, using a dropper, squeeze a few drops of breastmilk into each nostril - should clear up the congestion!!
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