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will my 25mo get sick if I leave him for 4 days? -he is still bfing

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I am getting pressure from my dh to travel 9 hours to my parents house by myself. I am mostly concerned about my toddler, not nursing for that amount of time. I would imagine that it willput a hault to our nursing sessions, forever! and since I will probably not be having any more children that is serious for me! and then there is . . . my mom, who is awesome being very bummed out that I am not bringing her grandchild with me! What to do?
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That is a big decision that only you and your child can make, especaillly if you think that this trip will be a catalyst to weaning.

Can you bring your child with you? If not, does he and your dh have other "coping" ideas other than nursing? Will he go to sleep without nursing?

IMO, I would postpone the trip if you think it will be tramatic for your child. You will have many, many more years to travel, ets, but our babies will be this young for a short time.

I wish you luck with your decision,
Thanks that is exactly what I wanted to hear!
I don't think you sound as if you would even enjoy this trip without your baby. Put your foot down, and don't do it. If your mother lives that far away, she probably wants a visit from her grandchild too. My mom would be crushed if I did that. Follow your gut, your maternal instinct is usually right!
Sounds like you made your mind up long ago what you would do, and are just looking for validation or an excuse to do what you want. If you're not comfortable leaving him, don't, but be forthright about it to yourself and your family. Do you REALLY think he will get sick (as that was your original question in the title of your post), or are you just grasping at excuses to give your family? I doubt seriously he would up and get sick in that short a time, but kids do get sick, even bf'ing ones. Good luck with your decision and discussing it with your family.
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