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ok so my daughter is 3yrs 9 months and will not start Kindergarden for two more years because of when her birthday falls (she will be 5yrs 9months when she starts K)
so I was thinking she only needs 1 year of preschool and after talking to some local preschool teachers they seem to think that she really should be in a two year program
the cost is so high and we are pg with our third so extra money is going to prenatal costs
So will it really hurt her to have another year without preschool?
she can count to 12, knows all her colors, abcs, and has a great vocabulary
BUT she is not around other children besides her sister (2.9yrs)
Please put my mind at ease or I'll be finding a second p/t job to cover the costs!

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People have really gone bonkers over all this
: . I can't understand how anyone could subject you to such hogwash. If you do nothing but play together for the next year or more, and then start gradually introducing the few things she'll be expected to know before kindergarten (although she seems to know a lot of it already!), you'll still be ahead of the game. And she'll be one of the older kindergarteners, so she'll have a maturity advantage. I'd really try to make play opportunities with other children though - that's something that actually can help. They can have SO much fun together at that age, and it increases possibilities for imaginative play. Here's a page on preschool/kindergarten learning activities. Beneath the box of articles are lots of annotated links to websites with fun ideas for age appropriate actitivities.

Just have fun!
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