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Will this hurt her?

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Dar just ate 1 flax oil pil, atleast a half of one 1200 mg. Will this hurt her? I left her alone for just one minute to do laundry and she grabbed my vitamins off the pc desk...What should I dO?
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I think she should be ok....

You think she actually swallowed half of it?
well there was the gel cap with half the oil missing and a little bit on her face....


Originally Posted by AngelBee
I think she should be ok....

You think she actually swallowed half of it?
If you are really worried, you could call poision control. I call them all the time! lol
: They can tell you if you need to take them in or just watch or not worry. I haven't ever had any problems with calling them and the operators are really nice! HTH
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I doubt it, but if you are ever concerned about something like that, just call poison control and ask. It's not like 911, they don't send an ambulance around no matter what. I've called several times just because I suspected *maybe* DD ate something to ask what symptoms I should look out for or if its a problem.
oh ok. I think they cancelled poison control here in Oregon because of Budget cuts, the last I heard. but she just spit up a whole bunch of cereal and I'm assuming the oil, so I think she should be ok!

Geesh, being a mom sucks sometimes - I can't even keep plants alive and here I am with a kid....

Thank you all,
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They cancelled poison control? yikes! It's not like flax seed oil isn't a naturally occurring substance in food, so I imagine she just might get a tummy ache or diarreah from it.

to you Katie - FWIW plants are HARD to keep alive
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You are a great mama....even if you have fake plants!

I admire the fact that you are expecting and have such a little one. I have trouble keeping up with Angelo,,,,,yet alone being pregnant. I get so tired when I am with baby!

You are my hero!
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Oh...Thank you guys so much. That totally just made my day! Really, truly it did!

After Hannah was born, somebody gave me a live plant as a gift. I put it on the windowsill.

A week later, when it died, I realized I should have been watering it- but I was kind of busy with 2 babies under 17mo!!!! Plants don't cry when they need water the way babies do!!!
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