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will this screaming ever stop???

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Lily's new form of communicating is to SCREAM!!!! Top of her lungs, bloody murder screaming. I hate it!! So does know some signs but has all but stoped using them lately. I think it happens whenever she's doing something inappropriate and I move her or take the dangerous thing away, etc. It's her "I'm MAD, I wanted that!!!" cry. Ugh. All this from a baby who never said more than a sweet little peep before. I hate it b/c I don't take her cries seriously much, so she can get hurt and it takes me a bit to respond b/c you never know what set her off. Oh well. Just had to share. I remember James kind of doing this, but you know, time helps you conveniently forget!!
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My ds was a screamer when he was between 9 months and 18 months...not upset screaming, just testing his lungs (and my nerves)

He grew out of it when he learned how to communicate with words.
I've got 3 screamers - it does eventually stop, although my 4 yo is still having episodes of it and it makes me want to scream myself!
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