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Will you tell me about your experiences with a reflux baby? Also about why GERD was suspected, how your baby was diagnosed and how s/he was treated for it? And how successful the treatment was?

I am beginning to think my son has it. He has always been a difficult nurser, lots of fussing, arching and popping off and on the breast. He'll never stay on either side for long, he'll fuss before, during and after feedings, he sometimes chokes during feedings, he burps and has gas a lot. He nurses very frequently and never for long. He'll never sleep laying down. He must be held in a rocking chair at night to sleep, either in the cradle-hold nursing position, in which he's slighly inclined, or upright being held against my chest. This is the position he sleeps best in. He is gaining weight very slowly. He coughs and chokes sometimes for no apparent reason. However, he has only spit up, I think twice. Ever.

Does this sound like reflux? Suggestions?
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