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Will your Toddler be playing nicely with a toy... (x-posted)

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and then all of a sudden, angrily throw the toy across the room and then proceed to have a Total meltdown because the toy is 'not doing what it's supposed to do'?

Please note- And the Toddler lives in a caring and peaceful environment with *Extreme* nurturing parents. Parents who put him on their chest to go to sleep so he can feel the warmth and love flowing from his father and then later from his mother.

He has a nutritionist balanced diet because his Mother is anal about it.

He is at home with DH during the day and gets One on One attention at all times.

Also important, his Mom and Dad love each other very much and we have family hugs. DS has never been witnessed to ANY type of violence within the home.

So why the sudden Anger with his toy car? It comes so suddenly. I will see him playing and I am in the kitchen washing dishes I hear a loud screech and DS throwing himself down on the floor kicking and screaming and he will pick up his toy car again and it's still not doing what it's "supposed to do" and he will throw it (and himself) down again the floor, kicking and screaming.

Is this normal Toddler Behavior?
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