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Willful or stubborn children--help

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Is there a good book about willful/stubborn children. My 3 yr old is really pushing all my buttons and I need some new ideas. I really try to follow through with consequences but it seems pointless sometimes. I would like to elaborate but Maya needs me.

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Whenever my girls are willful I remind myself that I'm raising strong daughters' who will have minds of their own, won't allow themselves to be walked over or subjecated for the sake of religion or politics.

That's what I tell myself, anyway. Does that help?

We do time outs... pretty much follow the 1-2-3-magic formula with no shaming and one minute in time our for each year of their life. Hope this helps a bit. Can't give more suggestions unless I know more details.
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Good books for willfull children, I think we will have to write them when the kids are older if we survive. My children will be the strongest adults one day. I can not get my children to do anything they don't want to. My daughter Emma had it in her mind that she couldn't learn to read and God help us at 8 and a half she still fights me over words saying she just can't do it. My daughter Ellanor is 2 and I can tell you the only reason she is alive today after being born at 1 pound is she is strong willed.

Be patient and pick your battles, is my advice. Don't power struggle, just state the facts kindly and stick to it in time you will see results. My daughter Ellanor is the test of my calm but she is slowly learning. The positive thing is no one will presure your child into anything in the future that your child doesn't want to do. Deap breath and just make it through the day, thats all we can hope for some days.

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Is there a good book about willful/stubborn children.
Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka may help you, especially certain parts. My dd is definitely spirited and her will is incredible. Her preschool teacher told me she was the "strongest-willed child she has ever met" (not sure how it was meant but I decided to take as a compliment) and she has been teaching for over 20 years. So I hear what you're saying. I read the Kurcinka book when dd was 3 years old. I found it to be helpful for ideas and to know I'm not alone and that there is nothing wrong with her...she's just a bit more challenging to parent. And like the pp's said, I take solace knowing how strong she will be as an adult.
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