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Win a Haba Walker Wagon & $60 Gift Certificate to Julabug- CLOSED. Congrats FishyWishy

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This giveaway has ended. The winner is FishyWishy. Congrats!


Give Them Something to Lean On

Baby's first steps are a precious milestone for both baby and parent.Your baby is becoming an explorer, gaining confidence in her/himself, taking bigger wider steps, and pushing boundaries.When this time comes, your little one will need something to lean on and grow with, which is why Julabug is offering you the chance to win a Haba Walker Wagon ($143.99 value) PLUS a $60 Gift Certificate to Julabug so that you can get free, natural toys to fill your new Walker Wagon.

This beautifully crafted wagon has smooth wooden wheels, a place to store baby's favorite toys, and an adjustable break that can be adapted to your baby's needs.


Go on and give your baby something fun to lean on!

Here is how to win a Haba Walker Wagon from Julabug:

  1. Subscribe to Julabug's newsletter through Facebook or through their website
  2. Like Julabug on Facebook
  3. Post a reply to this thread to finalize your entry and let us know that you have completed steps 1&2.

You will be automatically entered into our drawing to win the Walker Wagon and the $60 gift certificate. Hurry now! The contest closes June 27th! Mothering will announce the winner on June 28th.

Thanks for participating!
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Completed steps 1 and 2!

I completed steps 1 and 2. :) This would be perfect for my 10 month old as he learns to walk!
i have subscribed to julabug's newsletter and have "liked" them on facebook.
subscribed to your newsletter and "like" julabug.
I would love this for my baby girl..Thanks

Fan on fb & replied to it...Stephanie Mago-Eagle

[email protected]
Love, love, love this! It was already on my Julabug wishlist!
Steps one and two all done - my 10 month old would love that wagon...i can imagine being mowed down by it.....
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Mission one and two complete. What a cute cart. My 11 year old had a similar one, it has lasted this long but now my roughneck two year old Evie. She still tears around with it even well made toys.
I've completed steps 1 and Julabug and!
Steps 1 and 2 done! This wagon would be perfect for my little one!
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Steps one and two are done and my fingers are crossed!
What a wonderful wagon to play with! I can't wait to try it I followed 1&2
I completed steps 1 and 2. This would be perfect for my daughter.
1 - 20 of 309 Posts
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