Thank you to everyone who took part in the Boiron Family Homeopathy Giveaway! The two winners of the Boiron Baskets of Health are listed below. It was wonderful to read through your experiences with homeopathic treatments, and we are so glad you took the time to share your stories. The response was overwhelming, and we have shared just a few of the great things you had to say about Boiron products at the bottom of this post.


If you didn't win, Boiron USA would like to offer you a special discount on their products to thank you for taking part! Follow the link for a $3 off coupon on Children's Chestal®, Children's Oscillo®, or Children's ColdCalm®.

The random winners of the Boiron Baskets of Health, worth more than $150 each, are…

Marlo, comment #49

Oscillo is a staple in the household! We all use it, from the two year old to the papa! At the very first twinge of "flu like" symptoms we pop open our little vials and melt them away on our tongues. We have amazing success with it, duration of our nasties is so much shorter since we've started using it. During the short time that we have the crud we also use Chestal and Cold Calm!

and Laurel, comment #328

We use Boiron products a lot-ARNICA for bruising/muscle soreness (great after giving birth, too;) CALENDULA for cuts/cracked lips or hands (use instead of Neosporin most of the time;) HONEY CHESTAL for coughs and throat irritations…Those are our must-haves for sure. I love homeopathy and really love products I can trust. Thanks!

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Here are just a few of the great things you had to say about Boiron!

Melody says:

we love the bioron cold calm a lot!! plus i love the chamomilla for my daughter's teething. both have helped us a lot over the last 22 months. thank you!

Danielle Richardson says:

I love the Borion line! We have made use of the Camilla with our two babies and it always worked like a charm to help them fall asleep. I also love the Arnica and Calendula these are the only two products we use for bruises and scrapes. I feel great knowing that I can use these safe and effective products for my whole family. Thank you for your excellent products!

Jane says:

I use Boiron products for treating a variety of illnesses. When anyone in my family including kids start to get a cold or cough, or start to show flu like symptoms. My kids love the Coldcalm pellets!

Trebor says:

I've used various cold/cough homeopathics over the years but recently this fall have actually used the Boiron Chestal Cough for my children, and it helped their bodies clear up quickly without turning into a full blown cold. It works better than any other brand I have tried.

Kerri Christie says:

We love homeopathy in our family. Boiron Camilia has been a great relief to my little guy (and his parents!) over the last 20 months or so of teething! Almost done!! Various remedies have provided great relief from colds, flu, earaches, and plugged ducts! Thank you, Boiron. No chemicals to pollute us, just some good energy to stimulate our own bodies' healing abilities!

mariko says:

What a wonderful and useful giveaway! We've had a round of coughs and the flu through our home this past month and I've given both Boiron's Children's Chestal with Honey and the Oscillococcinum to my three-year-old. I notice that the Chestal certainly helps alleviate the cough, especially the dry, night-time cough. The Oscillo has helped bring his fever down. I love that these remedies are effective and I don't have to worry about drug effects. I've also used Boiron Arnica after childbirth to help with recovery and afterpains.

Lisa says:

We have used Boiron Camilia and Coryzalia for years;-). We even found it in France while travelling! Love stodal and other products as well…can't say enough about how it has helped with infants and little ones being able to breathe while nursing and sleep during the night while dealing with congestion!! Teething would have been horrible…thanks Boiron:-D

Moms Coach for Life says:

I love all things Boiron!! I recommend your products to ALL of my clients. They love them, as do I!! Thank you for making such Stellar products!

Krista says:

We used the cough medicine to keep my son from getting his asthma last season! It was amazing!! It kept his colds from going deep in his chest and kept us from having to use inhaler! Thank you Boiron, our family is so grateful for you!

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