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Winter Olympics- Anyone doing a unit on it?

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I found a few links:

We are hoping to watch them on the computer:

Looking fwd to seeing the opening ceremony and the different events. We will use this as part of our math and history curriculum.

Post any links if you have them
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Here's another webpage on Scholastic that looks promising. We really like Scholastic's website for little things like this and for studying holidays. They're good about having nice free resources.
Try February 5, 8, 9 and 10th Daily Planet t.v series on the Discovery Channel - lots of interesting clips about all sorts of science-related stuff:
Brainpop Olympic video science of olympics nice list of teacher resources education world's list of lesson plans BC government's education ministry resources

for older kids
Intellectual Muscle: University Dialogues for the Vancouver 2010 Games is an eclectic and often provocative series of podcasts on topics related to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. own the podium math (highschool-ish level)

crafts mascot colouring pages and crafts hand print flag wreath

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Ooooh, great idea. Subbing!
Thanks for this great info!

Warrior Mom to Nick and 3 other rockin kids!
Yes. We've done about a dozen different activities so far ranging from Ancient Greek Olympic history to current events, writing a poem, acrostics, rhymes, reading comprehension and general history that I'm keeping in a small 3 ring binder. We tracked the torch progress and tonight we're having an opening ceremonies party. once the events start we're keeping track of gold, silver and bronze medals so we can make a graph/chart about the overall results. he's also going to research one athlete and one sport that most interests him and we'll use those as our research skills and narrative writing focus for the next 2 weeks.

We had done a few things - made torches, held a relay, made medals, played a few Olympic games ... but I was wanting something more, and this gives me a lot of choices!
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Not so much a unit, but being in Vancouver, I thought DS and I would do a few things Olympic-related. Y'know, since we'll be paying for this party for the next 20-30 years.

We read a book about the ancient greek games. We watched some YouTube videos about luge, skeleton and bobsled. And then we did our own version of doubles luge, running down all the stairs in our house (we live in a 3 1/2 story townhouse)! He saw the torch relay with DH. And we will be going down to see losts of free stuff - like the "houses" from the various countries (since world travel is not in our budget), and many live performances. We'll also visit the Vancouver Art Gallery, since it's free from noon to 5 pm daily during the games. And there's a Leonardo DaVinci exhibit!

So far we've been to the "Power Smart" house (energy conservation), played on a virtual graffiti wall and watched a few first nations performances. He watched a bit of the Opening Ceremonies on TV.

We accidentally saw the luge accident (they put it on while we were watching the torch relay on TV), so we talked about safety, dangerous sports and death. Not a conversation I quite planned on...

Here's the site that lists all the free stuff:
City Caucus
The various links may lead you to some really cool material and activities.
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