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winter woolens...stash thinning...booties sweaters...knits etc and more!

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Im clearing out my hoards!! Lots of winter woolens, Some from New Zealand (and some were made by me). that are either too small for us or were part of my *girl* stash .... turned out to be a boy TWICE!!

I will be adding as I get stricter on myself.

Also some old puppets
infantino carrier
bradely birth book
new underwear
size 2 clogs
soft sole shoes

all pictures are at


I accept funded paypal and cc paypal if you cover the fee.
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I also have a open top baby swing if anyones interested $10 plus actual postage.
and a porta crib/cot...I still need to unpack this and look it over.

*12 indesposibles brand cloth diapers EC some staining inside $45ppd

Id love to trade also...


*quality winter jacket and boots for 5yr old dd. (not pink, or caractures etc)

*Buckminster Fuller books.

*knitted or felted animals...donkey horse rooster dog etc...

*EC %100 cotton winter pjs size for 2 year old (ds) and 5 year old (dd).

*natural branch/log blocks set

*area (wool) play mat/rug

*kelty kid carrier backpack

*solid wood ride on toddler bike
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Oh my FAVORITE knitting mama! hi!
I'd like;
Possum fur booties 0-3mths $4 ppd

If I can raise more PP I'll get more of your wonderful stuff!

Pm your pp addy please!
wickidawitch! nice to see you!
Im so proud of you girls over on the IPTK tribe! still going strong!! who would have thought eh!

Avena~ hey lovely to see you too! the possum booties are yours! pp to iasomoon at
let me know what else you have your eye on...
I got to get this stuff out! otherwise im gonna feel abliged to keep breeding
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im sorry im not going to make it to the po today ladies...tomorrow
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hmmm...for some reason I type in your password and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

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