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Please help!
I have about 50/50 luck w/wintering these things.
Dahlias-just put them in a paper bag w/some sawdust? Leave in a cool, dark, place all winter?

Fuchias-who knows
I wash the roots and repot. I've tried ignoring them in the basement. I've tried watering every couple of weeks in the basement. I've tried NO light, some light, lots of light. I've tried keeping them in the sunroom w/o cutting them back. NEVER had anything work.

Lawn-leave it long? Cut and leave the clippings on? Mow it short? I've heard them all. Never left it short so think I'll try that this year.

ANYONE? I'm pathetic w/my gardening so any help/experiences are so welcomed.
--Our first frost is almost here. Just put all the bulbs out yesterday.
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