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winter's coming..coat/'shoes' recommendations??

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what type of caot/jacket do u recommend for a 4 month old? it would need to last abt 4-5 months..
should i go w/ a snowsuit to keep her entire body warm? we dont intend to be out much in the cold but when winter comes it gets FREEZING! what r some other names?(ie. pram
: bunt, etc)

what sites have great winter coats??

also, "shoes"...for some reason i have it in my head that 'real' shoes r not ok for babies, not 100% sure why...i hear lots of u talk abt robeez but r those warm enough for winter?? what other brands/types do u recommend for cold weather?

again, sites would be appreciated!!

thanks mamas!

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NAK so bear with

I think the shoe thing is for when they first start to walk though I am not 100% possitive.

I am just putting Sam in a one piece snow suit that fits 6-12 months. You might also want to consider a car bag. My snowsuit covers feet and hands so I do not have to worry about boots until next winter.



ps; if you think Ontario is cold you should try Manitoba. I am originaly from Ontario (Southern) and oh do I ever miss it come January
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I don't know a whole lot about really cold weather, but I don't think that shoes are as big of a problem when the baby is that small. It is a problem when the baby starts to pull up and walk, but if you just use them for when you're going out and the baby is young, I don't think it would be that bad.

However, you might get more warmth by finding some really warm socks and just using shoes to make sure the socks don't fall off or get pulled off. In that case, something like Robeez would probably be just fine.
I can't help with the shoes/coats, but my daughter was born in Dec and we had a very cold winter last year. As a gift, I received this fleece carseat liner that basically zips the baby in so that he/sheis protected from the elements. I loved it!!! She had jaundice as a baby and we had to take her to the Dr. every day and it protected her fromthe wind and snow. It was great.
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