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WIO question. . .

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hi, mamas! i was wondering how a WIO worked/is made? i have some wool jersey and was wondering how/if i could make one. how do you keep it lanolized with all the other stuff in it? thanks!!
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The wool of a WIO is basically just a wool cover, the snap in contour makes it a WIO. You wouldn't wash both pieces together, the contour would get thrown in with the dipes, the wool would be handwashed and lanolized seperately like normal. I wouldn't make a true WIO with the dipe sewn to the wool, the wool can be reused for a week or more (depending on how many are in rotation) and the dipe itself can only be used once.

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AHHH, i see! thanks!

ETA: so really, what's the benefit/difference in using that vs. just using a diaper and wool cover?
I find that the inserts stay in place better than if I just place one in the bottom of a wool cover. And inserts are far less bulky than a fitted or even a prefold. Other mommas may have different points too. :}
I haven't found a wool-in-one I love yet! lol I think part of my problem is that I'm getting lighter midweight jersey outers and a heavier weight is really needed so keep that in mind when having your fun! The heavier weight, by the way, keeps the snap-in in place and keeps the WIO from looking funny, in my oppinion.
I have a fuzbomb cover I LOVE and I use a RB contour in the middle to make it a WIO I love it never had a leak or BFP explosion. I wish I could afford anothe fuzbomb.
Make sure to double-layer that wool jersey before applying your snaps - to keep it from sagging or ripping holes in the fabric when you add the snap-in diaper.
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thanks gals! what about using velcro instead of snaps? i don't like to mess with snaps. also, how thick are the inserts and what are they made from? i have 100% cotton jersey and could round up some flannel scraps.
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