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Wipe solution vs. plain water

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Why use a wipe solution? Is it better than plain water? What is in your solution?
Right now, I just wet a wash cloth with plain water and use it, but am rethinking what I'll do when the
is here.
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I use a wipe solution of distilled H2O, few drops lavendar oil, few drops TTO, a tsp burt's bees apricot oil, and a squirt of baby soap (Aveeno). Honestly, I've never used plain water, but I've heard that you can have mold problems with wet wipes if they sit in the pail for too long. TTO helps as an antifungal to keep mold away. I use this solution because it is super easy to make and keep in a spray bottle, and it smells SOOO good. I know lots of people use plain water without any problems!
I only use distilled water and a few drops of TTO.
I usually us plain water. If I do make a solution, it is similar to the one above: Distilled water, baby soap (Dr. Bronners), BB apricot oil, and a drop of lavender. Smells so good!
But honestly, plain water works just fine if there is a bath on the horizon
Why distilled water? What's wrong with tap?
I'm not sure actually, because of the chemicals added to drinking water?
plain water and wipes are dry til they need to be used and i wet them...only in diaper pail 2 days at most since we wash diapers ever 24-48 hrs (in family of 6 we do loys of laundry anyway thats its just as much a part of our day as eating, etc)

I used to use a tiny bit of essential lavender oil (like 2 drops to 2 cups water) for a wipe solution but I got build-up on my FB from it and they started repelling. Now I just use plain water. I think if you want to store the wipes wet in a warmer you have to be careful about using distilled water or changing the wipes/solution frequently, but in my house the changing table is pretty close to a bathroom sink so I just wet each wipe before I change DS. He loves it when I turn the water tap on so it's all good.
I boil water first so that I can melt shavings off some handmade honey soap I bought at the store, then I add calendula oil, TTO, LEO, and shake it up! It lasts a few weeks when I make a liter of this....smells good and feels good on my hands too.
I've used both plain water and a wipe solution. I like having a wipe solution handy because it just freshens his bum and makes him smell so nice.

Right now I like Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion mixed in a spray bottle with distilled water (I think distilled is recommended for mold/gunk issues). For morning changes, I get a couple wipes wet with warm water. Then I spritz either the wipes or the baby with the wipe solution before washing him up.

At other changes, I just spritz a little wipe solution on a wipe whenever he starts smelling like pee - usually in the afternoon.

When my Kissaluvs DLP runs out, I'll probably try making my own solution since I have all the necessary stuff.

Originally Posted by mama.Virg
plain water and wipes are dry til they need to be used and i wet them...only in diaper pail 2 days at most since we wash diapers ever 24-48 hrs (in family of 6 we do loys of laundry anyway thats its just as much a part of our day as eating, etc)


I hear ya!
I just wet them with warm water before each change.
I use plain water on my wipes in a wipes warmer. I use a cotton ball and wipe the inside of the warmer down with TTO a couple times a month. No problems.
We use a wipe warmer. If you do use a warmer, you need to either use distilled water or boil the water first. The warmer will get stuff growing within 24 hours from regular tap water it's just not stable enough.

I use a wipe solution. Always have since we started using cloth. I find it gets the bum cleaner without having to "scrub" especially with the sticky poos. Never fails that a plain wet washcloth just doesn't handle the really nasty ones for us. :LOL

I make it up by the gallon jug because it's easier. I use Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Burt's Bee's Apricot Oil and Weleda Calendula Oil and a squirt of Lavender soap/wash. Smells wonderful and keeps the skin soft. The gallon will last about 2 weeks or so. We use a lot of solution, makes messy faces easy to clean up too!!
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Plain water. I've never understood why people use wipes with soap etc. on the. Since you don't wash the bum after using a wipe with soap, don't you end up with soap/ wipe recipe residue on baby's bum???

I wet the washcloth with plain water at changing time. Sometimes I'll have to use more than one washcloth with really sticky/icky poops, but I don't see that as a problem. Why make things more complicated than they need to be??
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