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I'm not so happy with the scent of mine. I am using lavender and bergamot baby wash, with TTO and Lavender EO. I want something yummier. Can I use my Burt's Bees Aprcot oil somehow? Share the recipes please.

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that's all i use is 1 part bb apricot oil to 3 parts water in a spray bottle sprayed directly onto baby's bum.

smells yummy & is cheap too-i've been using the SAME 10oz bottle for the past YEAR. still has about one oz in it too!

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I do one of 3 things.. :LOL

1st way I make my own:

4 cups of purified water
6 drops of TTO
6 drops of Lavender Oil
1 small pour of Apricot Oil
2 quick squirts of Almond Oil
2 pumps of Aloe

2nd way I make my own:

4 cups of purified water
4 Baby Bits squares - not nearly enough oil in these for my preference
4 squirts of Weleda Calendula Baby Oil (Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula, Chamomile, Natural Essential Oils) - this stuff is heavenly!

3rd way:

I buy the wipes solution base from and it is beyond fabulous! I only bother making my own so I don't go through my Pinhead wipes solution too quickly! It's the perfect combination of oils and soap (Nathan's very sensitive to soaps) and smells wonderful! I love the way my hands feel and smell after using it!

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I make mine up by the gallon, it's easier that way. I boil in the microwave the water and put it in a gallon jug. Then I add "roughly" since I don't measure exactly anymore (been making the stuff for almost 3 years :LOL)

15-20 drops of Lavender EO
10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil
a squirt of Lavender bathwash
2-3 tsp of Burt's Bee's Apricot Oil (sooooo yummy!! and makes the bum soft too!)
2-3 tsp of Weleda Calendula Oil

Shake well before pouring into wipes container.

I love BB's Apricot Oil. I have to get it through a co-op since we go through so much of it.
DS had a really bad diaper the other night (too much apple juice) and had a flaming red monkey butt. So we plopped him in the warm sink bath with a half a cup of ground oatmeal and about 2 tsp of BB's Apricot oil and let him soak... his butt looked so much better.
And he was sooooo soft (especially his feet
:LOL) and smelled sooo good. Even DH commented on how soft and sweet he smelled.

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I have used BB apricot oil (1 tbsp) with 2 cups distilled water, 2 drops TTO and a small squirt of dr bronners unscented soap.

If you use BB, or any other baby oil like this, be sure NOT to use it in a wipe warmer, as the oil will then slowly destroy the plastic/resin wipe warmer.

In addition, the BB oil WILL permanently stain your wipes. Best to use essential oils well-diluted in distilled water, really.

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Here's 10 different recipes. You could use apricot oil as a substitute for any of the oils listed.

1/4 cup olive oil (or other light oil)
1/8 cup baby shampoo or bath
4 cups distilled water
A few drops lavender or tea tree essential oil for
its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

(antifungal - good for yeast infections)
1/2 c. distilled water
1 tsp. vinegar
1/4 c. aloe vera gel
1 tbsp. calendula oil
1 drop lavender essential oil
1 drop tea tree essential oil

2 cups water
1/2 cup of baby oil
1/2 cup baby magic baby bath

1 cup water
2 squirts baby oil
2 squirts baby soap
1 drop tea tree oil
1 drop lavender oil

1-2 drops tea tree oil
1-2 drops lavender oil
1 cup distilled water

1 Cup Boiling Water
1 Tablespoon Baby Lotion
1 Tablespoon Baby Soap
1 Tablespoon Baby Oil

1 cup water
1 tbsp. Baby Dr. Bronner's liquid castile
1 tbsp. apricot oil or almond oil
2 drops tea tree essential oil
5 drops lavender essential oil

4 cups water
1 tbsp baby shampoo, baby wash, or liquid soap
1-3 drops essential oil
1/4 tsp pure liquid lanolin
1 tbsp. liquid glycerin

1/8 cup or less of vegetable oil
1/8 cup or less of baby shampoo
1 1/2 - 2 cups water
8 drops of lavender oil
5 drops of tea tree oil

3 cups water
1/8 cup olive oil
4 drops tea tree oil
8 drops lavender oil
1 tbsp baby shampoo
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