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Wisconsin souvenirs for kids

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We're packing up the fam to go visit our relatives in OK and I want to bring some souvenirs/presents of some sort for the cousins, who range in age from 1 month to almost 5 years (sizes newborn to 4T). Any ideas for what to bring 'em?

I like to give gifts with a local flavor if possible (for adults i like things like wisconsin-made mustards, cheeses, or various yummy items made from door county cherries), but that doesn't have to necessarily be the case. My current best idea is matching Wisconsin t-shirts (tho I am having a hard time finding matching shirts in this range of sizes). If I had more time I would check out that vendor who sells the peace sign applique t-shirts at farmer's market in madison saturdays, cuz I think those are so darn cute, but we're leaving b4 then.

Any other ideas?

I realize this question is somewhat ironic given my siggy! :LOL
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cheese hats? Or maybe stuffed cows or something "cow print".

Thanks for the suggestions! I think the cow print is cute! I went to one place that had cow print socks, which would have been perfect, but they didn't have a size that would fit the oldest child.
: I will keep this in mind for next time though. For this time visit I went ahead and got them Wisconsin shirts.
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