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I got three teeth out the 28th of May and one bottom tooth next to an impacted wisdom tooth was accidentally sheared off. The healing process has been exremeley slow. I feel very "nervy" where the accidental tooth was removed.

My oral surgan has suggested today that he simply remove the other tooth. A few days before, he had said I'd need either a root canal or a crown.

Im all for a quick fix as I cant stand all the procedure. (and I have school starting in 2 weeks). However Im scared that something might go wrong later down the road. (we're talking years) as a direct result of me missing a back molar.

He seems like a good guy but he spends more time joking and chatting with me than explaining the pros and cons. I leave there wondering "What happened in there?" almost every time.

Urgh. I really need some advice.
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