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wish i'd come here sooner

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dd is 6 mos old tomorrow. we exclusively BF til she was 5 mos 1 day old. then we started rice cereal with expressed BM in it (like 1 tbs ric cereal w/ 1/2 oz BM)

that was for about 16 days. Mar. 15 I started apple sauce. Just a few baby sized bites at lunch time. And the cereal at around 7 pm. We still BF.

I wish I hadnt introduced solids. My mom really pushed because dd was waking a lot and looking at us as we ate, moving her mouth, etc. So, i gave in.

im worried bc DH has lots of allergies to food. also, i think DD has ezema (my friend a nurse said she does). I read that ezema comes sometimes from food allergies (the ezema is new- sine applesauce)

Should i stay w the food... She will be 6mo. tomorrow. She just plays with the food mostly... she likes the cereal but i dont think she likes the applesauce (i think she eats it to chew on the soft spoon as she is teething...)
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By all means stop the solids if you aren't comfortable with it! Your dd will do *just fine* on your milk alone, as long as you are nursing on demand day and night. Just because you started solids does *not* mean you have to continue right now. You could take a pause and start her again when you feel she is ready.

A new case of eczema would definitely worry me. Delaying solids is one of the best ways to prevent future food allergies.

For great information on starting solids (and all things breastfeeding), check out .

You are the mama! Follow your instincts. Best wishes.
I also agree to stop the food (applesauce and cereal) for a while. Give her excema and her gut a chance to heal.

Since she is pretty interested in the spoon, give her that to play with while you eat
If you think she is enjoying the 'eating' while you eat, you could express some breastmilk and freeze it into cubes. Give her a cube in one of those mesh bag feeders.

A baby should start food when they are ready, not because they are 6 months. She will do great on your breastmilk alone (fed on demand of course).
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You can stop solids. Also, with eczema I wonder- is she vaccinated?

Thank you wonderful ladies!

I stopped rice cereal yesterday. She slept BETTER than she had in over a month! So much for "It will help her sleep thru the night." She slept til 5:10 AM on MY MILK!

Apple sauce is obviously out, I was considering keeping the cereal but I think she would do fine w/o it... I dont know , I guessed I couldnt stop once I started? But what does cereal and apple sauce have over my protein, fat, etc etc rich milk? AAP even reccommends waiting to 6 mos. OH! I wish I had heard of just giving her spoons and bowls to play with or some expressed BM. She is totally interested in HOW we eat, not WHAT we eat.

Yes, she has had her 2 and 4 mo vac. She was really horrible after the 4 mo, so I asked the doc about spacing her remaining vac, but they only do 2 vax at 6 mos. I dont know enough to say no to them, I was considering that but my mom reminded me of my Great aunts (4 of them) that died of child hood diseases, so I got them. All but HepB because seriously, she is not out having unprotected sex or doing IV drugs. Hep B for a baby, IMO, is just silly. I have to get educated on the others though. I just dont know enough about Vax. I am constantly learning

I feel like SUCH AN IDIOT. DD had an unexplained apnea episode the day after we started rice cereal. She was basically lying on her mat, eyes open, and it took me a while to "wake her up" I thought she had SIDS. It did not look like she was breathing (although, she was not blue) She has been on a monitor this month but it looks like it was an isolated episode.

I asked 2 docs if it was the cereal, and they said no. I am thinking it may have been. Why are we so easy to trust someone just because they have an MD?

Also, I have been really stressed about food lately, like, giving her applesauce and the cereal is SUCH A CHORE. And I keep thinking, esp. for the applesauce, why is this a problem? You open a jar, you feed her a few bites, thats it! Now I think it is because I didnt think she was ready but got pushed into it by well meaning people.

JUST like the epi at the hospital. I totally need to listen to my instincts!

Thank you.
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Come over to the vaccination forum. A lot of moms here don't vaccinate at all and several moms have found a link between eczema and vaccines.


Originally Posted by alegna
Come over to the vaccination forum. A lot of moms here don't vaccinate at all and several moms have found a link between eczema and vaccines.


going to check it out!
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